Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boxcar Poetry Review is out. Letter from the Editor (yes, I'm in it)

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Subject: Boxcar Poetry Review Issue 8 Contributors

Dear Boxcar Contributors,

Just a quick note to let you know that the May issue of Boxcar Poetry Review is up and your work is now online! Visit it here ( )

This is an outstanding issue again with strong poems, striking photography, a great interview, and a fascinating review. We are proud and honored to showcase your talents and in turn invite you to discover each other's work. We have sought to build an issue where different voices and experiences interact in a synergistic manner -- letting something emerge from the blending. We hope we have succeeded.

In this issue:


Jeffrey Alfier: "Last Words to an Old Miner Leaving Albuquerque"
Jon Ballard: "Trees Make Me Think of Other Things"
Pris Campbell: "Undertow"
Heather Green: "Valentine's Day at the SF MOMA, Again"
Rachel Eliza Griffiths: "Wake for Memory"
Jee Leong Koh: "Hungry Ghosts"
Ted McCarthy: "Lines with a Latin Dictionary"
Rhonda Mino-Melanson: "Memories and Condolences"
Tolu Ogunlesi: "On Reading 'A Wedding in Hell' by Charles Simic"
Doug Ramspeck: "Oneiromancy"
Sam Rasnake: "This is not my testament"
Yun Wang: "Space Journal: Day Dreams"
Joe Wilkins: "North Carolina By Greyhound: First Christmas After the Funeral"

"Obsession, Grace, and the Second Book: An Interview with Oliver de la Paz" ~ Diana Park


"Sally Ball's Annus Mirabilis - Logical Affect" ~ Tatiana Forero Puerta


Arthur Westover: "Field" and "Walkway"

Thank you again for all your support and patience over the last few months. On a personal note, as a few of you may have heard, my father passed away last month from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). In assembling this issue, many of your poems and creative work found a resonance with my own experiences. Sometimes out of similarity, sometimes out of difference, but in each case there was something that aided in processing my father's passing and in finding solace. My father was always a big fan of Boxcar -- he loved the poems which spoke to the human condition, which addressed the complexities of love and family, and which found the courage to be honest. This issue is for him -- thank you for being a part of it.

Finally, work on the anthology continues and should be done by the end of June. We had hoped to complete things earlier, but due to my father's declining health, had had to put things on the back burner these last couple of months.

Visit Boxcar Poetry Review at

Be sure to pass the word along :)

Best wishes,
Neil Aitken, Editor
Boxcar Poetry Review

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Collin said...

Loved your poem in Boxcar. It reminded me of some of Margaret Atwood's work in "Morning in the Burned House."

Pris said...

Hi Collin
Thank you. That's a fine compliment, indeed.

DeadMule said...

Congratulations, Pris. Another fine poem. Helen

sam of the ten thousand things said...

"Undertow" is a very focused and powerful image at work. Enjoyed the poem.

Pris said...

Thanks, Sam. I appreciate your stopping by.

Pat Paulk said...

Way to go Pris!!!

Pris said...

Thanks, Pat!!