Friday, August 04, 2006

Cuba, Land of Mystery

In this week's online National Geographic, a video taken in Cuba was introduced in the following way:

August 1, 2006—Cuban leader Fidel Castro has temporarily ceded power for the first time in his 47-year presidency in order to undergo surgery. But regardless of when he returns to power, Castro's mark on the country will remain for years to come.

Join National Geographic writer Jon Bowermaster on a 2002 assignment to explore Castro's Cuba, which has been closed to U.S. tourists for decades.

You can see the short video at this National Geographic link.
(a brief commercial always preceeds National Geographic videos)

Cuba, a place people escape from for a better life. Cuba, a land its people still embrace, despite the hardships. Cuba, a memory of the old days before the revolution and the U.S. was banned...Hemmingway with his cigar on a hotel patio. Most of all, Cuba, the home of Castro, a mysterious figure to us all. Did he save his country or did he destroy it? Who has the answer?

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