Saturday, January 15, 2005

Jack In Sepia and Nothing Else

This is a cropped/darkened out(modest, shall I add?) version photo from a nude male calendar I did, some years back, with a good friend from Boston. Some day I'll post about our experiences doing this, but not today. For now, let me say if you do this, expect the unexpected AND the men we worked with didn't mind at all taking their clothes off for a photo for women they didn't know. And all for no pay.

Readers...tell me one of the most outlandish--and fun--things you've done in the comment section. Dare you.

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Berenice said...

Is this the confession spot?? Oooeerr. Okay...mad moment...well, I hate wearing a bra, and often go without wearing one, (can't believe I just admitted that on line...shock horror!!) and when I go out to the sticks to visit my mum, it tends to get banished to my suitcase. The visit before last, when about to return to the civilised world, I had to put it back on. I lasted as far as ten minutes before the bus arrived. Then I had to get my mum to stand in front of me while I shimmied out of the public...amidst strangers. No mean feat that...didn't help that both mum and I were hysterically laughing at the time. BURN THE BRA!! ;-) B xx