Sunday, January 09, 2005

Dreaming the Dead

Click HERE to see this haiga, since it's animated. The link goes to a page on my website. Turn on sound, and scroll far enough to see the haiku below the image. The original photograph was taken by Sue Baker Wilson of Katikati, New Zealand, of a graveyard angel near her hometown. Thanks, Sue!

Comments welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Pris, I loved your memories of your student days, and of Martin Luther King's famous speech; you are right, he was a poet and an orator combined, who could make ideas sing like no-one else. It makes one want to play the 'what if?' game eg, what if he had become the first black President of the USA?

I also enjoyed your poem about old men - you could have been describing me! (except I've never ridden horses like that - just one horse, in Egypt in 1955, and that one ran away with me straight into the sea; never messed with them since.)

You are going through great pain, trials and tribulations now Pris; but, unlike so many people, you have lived a full life and have some wonderful memories,experiences which inform your poetry, prose-pieces and photo-art. When you are suffering through the dark times, just hold on to that. Geoff (The Olde English Ghost who keeps popping up to haunt you.)

(I had to post 'anonymously', as the system wouldn't validate my username or password, and still hasn't sent me a reminder; I've never been 'Anonymous' in my life, and feel it's late to start now. G.)