Tuesday, July 04, 2017

New Book Due out soon.

My Southern Childhood will appear on Amazon US and UK when released



mouse said...

Hi Pris,
I am kind of here by accident and exploring my blog's listed links. You are one of the few who are still active. Nice to see you are still at it. I hope you are faring well. Is your new book of poetry or fiction?

Pris said...

Good to see you! Rarely post here anymore myself. My book is short prose poems, short excerpts memoir style of growing up in the forties and fifties. I wanted to post the cover image but can only do it via a link and I haven't been on my computer to upload it. I work mostly from my ipad now.

I need to check and delete a lot of links, too. On my list:-) It's been so long I'll have to look up how to get to the coding page. I at keast need to add thst most links may nono longer be active.