Monday, June 04, 2012

daytona trip April 2012

My husband drove me and my friend who now lives three hours north of me for our annual three day weekend in Daytona. We've had to cancel in the past so I'm glad we both could make it. I again had no voice, an ongoing problem with me, and was weak, but with the help of my pushchair (husband pushing me in and out of the condo and the one place we went each day) and by writing notes so I could 'talk' to Margie, we made the trip a good one. I'm so thankful my husband will take us each year. My friend has severe neuropathy so can no longer drive to come down and see me so this is our once a year get together. We've been friends since 1980.

Being near the ocean is always wonderful and after breathing the salt air 24/7 by the second day I was able to talk in a very soft voice off and on the next day.

Below are some photos from the trip.

Margie on our condo patio enjoying our arrival:

Margie and me posing by the ocean on a chilly first day. The beach was almost empty and the waves high. I thought it was beautiful.

Sunrise the first morning showing Crabby Joe's pier beside our condo.

Margie and my husband Steve just up the second day

Me acting the goofus our first night there. It was a bit chilly so I dressed for the occasion:-)

On the second full day we drove 20 minutes to New Smyrna Beach. In contrast to the day before it was bumper to bumper traffic crossing the causeway to the beach and not an empty space to park on the right side all the way down to the south causeway crossing back over. Interesting, but I prefer the quieter beach.

And one more sunrise before leaving...


Anna G Raman said...

Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing, Pris.

Pris said...

You're welcome
, Anna. Glad you enjoyed them.