Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The New Year has arrived!

I've not been on the blog or visited other blogs in a while. My energy continues to be low and since the social networks caught on only the dilligent bloggers have a strong following. I slept most of New Years day but did manage an appearance at the meal with my husband and his father. Our pets were as sleepy as I was:-)

My husband and his dad.

my father in law and me.

one of our two cats taking a snooze.

pup and Spike relax together. Sabrina hides when anyone she doesn't know well is in the house.

Let's hope this will be a good year for all.



Jim K. said...

Neat pic visit!

I'm hoping for good things
to materialize out of nowhere.
Might as well...law of averages...

Anna G Raman said...

Happy New Year, Pris!

I have a friend in Minnesota who used to have 3 cats and they all used to hide whenever I visited her.

Pris said...

Thanks, Jim and Anna, for taking time to look at these!! Anna, these two are brave, but to see Sabrina, you would have to move in:-)