Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Health Issues

Health issues have been a major problem for over a year now. I've finally accepted the fact that i can't keep up with a blog the way I did in the beginning but I do love the personal nature of a blog compared to the social networks. This means I'll be in and out as I can and I'll read other blogs as I can. Tis the best I can do.


cinderkeys said...

I'm subscribed, so I won't need to remember to check in -- your posts will appear when they appear. Hope your health gets a lot better.

Pris said...


Jim K. said...

Best wishes..
too bad there isn't a
"blog secretary" to handle the
to-fro. These aren't the rage now,
but they are public and

The heat's on the tweet, somehow.
Guess I'll look at it. People tend
to tweet even more ill-advised
than they forum.

Pris said...

Hi Jim, yes readership of blogs is way down since the social networks but the social networks want everything fast and easy to read so much of the thoughtfulness that marks blogs has gone.

I had tried tweet once earlier, even though I did it only on my computer but soon got bored with everyone's reports on their minute to minute activities. I rejoined about a month ago when some people said they were going to post haiku as their tweet. I haven't seen it happen . People post links to articles which I'm too exhausted to read or to youtubes, which I can find on my own, or....as I said, 'I'm getting on the freeway now' kinds of things. I'm going to leave again.