Monday, August 01, 2011

Older haiga published in Simply Haiku 2008

Click to enlarge and read the haiku. Photo take at Lake Worth Beach, FL


Jim K. said...

Seems like a very nice count there,
to make the point and have room
for the rhetorical flourish. All
in 12 syll.

I'm still baffled by the Boston
Haiku Soc.'s assertion of 10 syllables max. Seems intensely scalped. The # of syllables in a
word isn't as controlled in English.

Pris said...

Jim, there's a lot of argument within groups of people writing haiku. I didn't know the Boston Haiku Soc limited it to ten. You just have to look at winners in the HSA prestigious competitions to see that 10 doesn't rule, anymore than 5 7 5 as was the big rule years ago. Another war going on is kigo vs no kigo, but with the kigo list restricted to words from one area of Japan and unrelated to the life experiences of most of the rest of the world. It gets nutsy poo.

Jim K. said...

Think I'll avoid the rattling
teacups and just do "short poetry"
sometimes. I itch for 4 or more lines
anyhow. You definitely pack a lot
into the pint. Implied backstory
is a great way for a poem to radiate
past the word count.