Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paul Newman Blues now availible

I have 25 personal copies of Paul Newman Blues,the mini chap published by Full of Crow, to sell. Cost is four dollars in the U.S. with one dollar postage and handling. To make it easier, I created my own paypal link for the book, but I accept checks, too. Contact me if you live outside of the U.S. First 25 sales will be it. As you'll see on the link, Full of Crow has been unable to update their chaps or sales online.

May 27 note: I've sold eight copies overnight and know several people who've told me they wanted a copy when it came out, so the numbers I have to sell are going down.

June 15 update I now have 6 copies available.

Go to THIS LINK to read about the book and find the paypal link.


Julia Cates said...
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Pris said...
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Pris said...

I delete comments that have a link in them by name and not the actual URL strictly to take precautions not to expose visitors to my blog to a potential hazardous site.

Chef E said...

I need to pull it out and read it again...bring Paul back to the living room :)

Great book Pris, everyone should buy it!

Pris said...