Friday, March 11, 2011

My college friend was just here for a visit--ride over to the ocean!

As those of you with ME/CFS know already, house guests are difficult simply because of the extra energy needed, no matter how much you love them and vice versa. My friend knows my limitations, making her one of the few people I would invite for a stay. She was patient waiting for me to write notes since my voice has still gone south and we even got over to the ocean for about a half hour one day as the winds churned up the sea. That made it one of the very best times to visit. I'm glad we could get out. I'm glad I could see her, despite the toll it took on my energy.

 Marilyn and me trying to hang on against the gusts of wind!

This is my 'wheeee' photo, taken as my cushion and pillow blew south:-)

A lone surfer glides in to shore!

A shot of the beach and pier.


Shelli said...

I love that lone sunbather. It reminds me of myself growing up. I loved the beach in any kind of weather and milked every single ray of sun that broke through the clouds. So glad you enjoyed your time with your friend!

Jim K. said...

Great 'open spaces' picture.

cinderkeys said...

On an unrelated note ...

I've tagged you in a meme. The challenge is to tell your origin story. Every superhero has an origin story; why not the rest of us?

There's no time limit. If you feel like participating, see details here:

Anna G Raman said...

Nice pictures. Its nice you'd a fun outing to the beach, Pris.

Pris said...

Thank you all for commenting!