Thursday, September 09, 2010

9/11 approaching

I'm still only posting off and on and not yet able to read many blogs. The rear-end accident in July has slowed me down more than usual. Readership continues to plummet on all but the most popular blogs, however, from what I hear and read from other bloggers. Everyone is spending their free time on facebook or twitter. I'm not a twitter person but I plead guilty to facebook browsing and posting. The search engines can't get to a private profile on facebook so I can post poems without running into the growing journal rule that 'if found by the search engines it's considered published'.

9/11 is approaching quickly so today I'm posting a link to a very brief page I did after the towers were hit.Go HERE to read it. Turn on your sound.

And let's hope that fool doesn't burn the Koran on Saturday.



grasshopper said...

I too am a facebooker but not a twitterer. Blogs still have their place.

I've read your piece before and it is good to read it again. 9/11 was very much on my thoughts yesterday. B xx

ps: I LOVE your new template!

Pris said...

I agree with you about blogs, despite the decline in readership.

Yes, I decided it was time to spruce things up a bit. I still love the header you made for me!

Enjoy your away!

grasshopper said...

Am already in the holiday mood!! B xx