Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time off from the blog.

I'm still really swimmy from the rear-ender on our way home from Miami on Friday. Too dizzy and tired to try to post what I found out there. Just over this last year the readership of this blog has dropped from an average of over 60 a day, constant for years, down to a low of 12 and an average of more like 15 over the year. I don't have the energy to visit other blogs very often either.

So....I'm going to take care of the immediate problems and just post fun things (for me) as I feel like it and stop feeling an obligation to post. I love this blog so I don't plan to abandon it. I'm just at my energy limit /health limit right now and need to respect that and stop for now.



Shelli said...

Wise decision. My own blog is a good indication of how my health is holding up; I blog less when I feel worse. With CFS, you just can't do anything out of guilt, only love.

Looking forward to your fun posts, when you're able!

Lyle Daggett said...

Coming by and reading, Pris. Nothing particularly useful to add here, but do be well.

cinderkeys said...

Hey, I'm subscribed, so I'll see your posts no matter how infrequently you put them up. Good luck with everything.

Jim K. said...

May you ride the storms well,
even on a sea you did not choose.
Just a wave from the beach.
I'll check now and then.

Brian Campbell said...

I've been feeling the same way. All the best, vraiment, vraiment!

Pris said...

Thanks for all of your comments. Sometimes we can let once was once fun become an obligation and, unless we're receiving a salary for doing it, why continue at the same rate?

Riding that wave, Jim. Still very swimmy and I don't like it a all.

mouse said...

I am all for the silly and fun side of life. We get to make that happen. The other sh*t we have to endure. Hugs! As you were:-)

Pris said...

So true, mouse. Hugs back!