Thursday, September 03, 2009


I've been at a real loss recently about what to post on my blog. Increasing numbers of journals won't accept any poems that appeared online anywhere, which still frustrates me since online is where many first found my writing. My blog posts on myspace were the reason two of my first poetry books were published as well as the reason for invitations to submit. Talk about a catch 22.

I'm not a poetry reviewer. I do that occasionally, but..

What I really enjoy is posting music, but that takes more time than most people want to spend on a blog.

Right now I'm thinking about posting one youtube a week that I think is of special merit and posting any other odd and sundry things that may come up inbetween.

Like some photos or published haiga.

You'll know when I do:-)


Brian Campbell said...

Yes, it's a sucky situation. ONe thing you can do is post samples of already published work.

Pris said...

Hi Brian
You're right. I think I'll occasionally pull out a published poem from the pile and post it. Since I've stopped posting poems completely I've noticed that my readership of the blog has dropped. I think Facebook has become the new venue for sharing poems. More and more poets are joining there and posting behind private profiles. Poems there don't show in the search engines because of the privacy and one can post, then remove after a week or two with no impact on the internet.