Monday, August 17, 2009

Featuring Gill O'Halloran's new poetry book!

Accomplished poet Gill O’Halloran’s first poetry collection, This 7 Year Old Walks Into A Bar, delivers the goods! Ms.O’Halloran has also published her poetry in numerous journals and has penned short stories, as well as a book on addiction. This 50 page collection is published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in England.

This book engaged me from the first poem. I found myself eagerly turning from page to page to read what would come next, then starting all over from the beginning and to read them again. Ms. O’Halloran’s words are fresh and deftly delivered. They helped me see the world through different eyes. What more can I ask from a book of poems? I

In Complicated Grief Reactions, we read:

I can still hear
the howl of the cockpit’s
buckled metal as it poured
hot lick flesh into fetid swamps,
leaving lumps of my husband
sinking under mud.

In Bindweed, a poem about abuse comes:

Adults who’ve been abused
tell you things you should never know
as soon as you’ve met them:
their doubts, their debts, when they have sex.
You ask unwilling questions to keep theirs at bay,
which they unfortunately mistake for friendship.

And I can’t resist one last quote from Coming Home:

Is this what coming home looks like?
A map redrawn, a ring worn inside out?

I could quote from the entire book, but would suggest you buy it and read for yourself. In this time of economic hardship, we all take more care in our choices of new reading material. You won’t go wrong choosing this collection.

And wait until you see the cover. It’s a classic!

You can purchase her book at Indigo Dreams Books


cfswarrior said...

That is powerful! I'm wondering if you have any suggestions on a book for how to read poetry. Everytime I visit your blog I find myself wanting to study poetry. It's so beautiful and... well, poetic.

Pris said...

I know of books describing poetic devices, but they're not used by everyone or in every poem. Things such as metaphor, simile, enjambment,assonance, 'near rhyme', meter, etc. I don't remember titles now. I have a friend who would. Let me ask him what he might recommend. I don't post a lot of my own poems anymore since more and more journals are not considering work that's been seen on a blog or journal. I wait until after the publication has run and do it or , if online, post a link. Does any particular poet's work that you've read appeal to you right now?