Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dr Robert Keller, R.I.P.

I received an email yesterday that Dr Robert Keller, the first doctor to finally help me with CFIDS and my doctor for 8 years before he first dropped Medicare, then closed his practice, died on Friday of a long illness. I knew that he left for health reasons but privacy is a huge thing so I didn't know it was terminal. This has been a huge shock. He was a brilliant doctor, knowledgeable, and very good with his patients.

A small part of an online resume for Dr Keller includes:

* a triple board certified physician

* Named as one of the 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the Century

* Elected to the Board of Governors of the American Academy of HIV Medicine of the State of Florida

* Serves on the National Practice Committee

* The Consumer's Research Council of America has named him as one of the Top Physicians in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 in the fields of Internal Medicine, Immunology and Hematology; he is featured in the: “Guide to America’s Top Physicians”

* In 1995 he founded Immune Balance Technologies. IBT develops technologies to modulate the human immune system, to treat disease, preserve wellness & reverse the aging process

* Over the last twenty years Dr. Keller has been involved in scientific research in both Immunology and Hematology

* Dr. Keller also treats patients with immune dysfunction through his medical practice The KBK Institute, a state of the art medical clinic for the cutting edge treatment of patients afflicted with chronic illnesses including: HIV, Hemophilia, Hepatitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autoimmune diseases, pre and post Cancer care, chronic neurogenerative diseases and aging – which we view as a disease.

God speed, Dr Keller. Know that you made a difference!

EDIT: One of the comments indicated that the cause of death for Dr. Keller was Amyloidosis, a progressive, incurable, metabolic disease characterized by abnormal deposits of protein in one or more organs or body systems. I googled this and the cause is unknown except genetic factors seem to play a role.

Numerous people have visited, and still visit, my blog based on a search for Dr Keller and his cause of death. If you have a google account and can post, please do so. He touched so many lives, including mine.

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Berenice said...

I'm sorry to hear your news Pris, I know he was a good man. B xx

healthnut75 said...

It certainly was a shocker to get that email yesterday. What a tragedy! Could you tell me what this illness was? My associates will want to know. I understand he spoke of it freely on his webinars, but due to my conflicting schedule, I was never able to catch any of them.

Pris said...

Thanks, B..yes, he was a good man.

Warren, how did you know him? Yes, that email was a total shock. He never told any of his patients what the health problem was and, after he left his practice, with only a reference to 'health issues', I asked Stacy, whom I only learned in the email was his daughter. She , of course, couldn't tell. I have my suspicions about what it was, but that's all I have. If you find out anything I really would like to know. I'm pretty sure my email addy is here on the blog. If you email me, put enough in the RE that I don't delete you as spam, unread.

Jacki said...

Pris, could you send me a copy of the e-mail you received yesterday from Stacy re Dr. Keller. jacki.otoole@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your tribute.

Pris said...

I'll gladly forward you the email. Look for it soon.

Dr Keller sold a product that increased glutathione in the body through his website. Is your product different? Would you mind telling me how he was involved in your company? I'd thought that he sold any products he developed himself. Thanks for posting.

cfswarrior said...


I'm so sorry to hear this.He sounds like he was a great doctor and someone we needed in the cfs community. It must have been a shock to hear about his death after being with him for 8 years.

Carol Ford said...
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Doro said...

I was a patient of Dr. Keller's for more than eight years. I am still so sad to hear of his passing. He was a brilliant doctor who did not waver in his vision to help others. He helped me through some very tough times with my fibromyalgia and CFIDS.
I stayed with him after he changed his practice, but missed everyone at the "old Biodoron." Everyone there had become part of my extended family. I am thankful that Dr. Keller and his staff were part of my journey for better health. I wish for Stacey and her family comfort knowing how well Dr. Keller was loved and respected.
Hollywood, FL

Pris said...

I emailed you last evening. It's good to hear from another former patient.

Pris said...

While I'm grateful for the comments made by people who knew Dr. Keller and his work with glutathianom--it's early and I can't get the spelling correct right now--I didn't want the sales information to stay up for more than the 24 hours. I wanted to leave the focus , instead, on Dr. Keller.

Jacki said...

Thank you Pris for taking down the sales pitch. I found that very upsetting. This is a time for reflection and sharing about the greatness and wondrous humanity that we all experienced in knowing Dr. Keller, as we each did. He was one of our greatest gifts, as we all know. It shows me where your true heart is Pris...and I respect you for doing this. So, would Dr. Keller! Know that!

Proud of you!


Pris said...

Hi Jacki
No, I didn't feel this was the time for that, either. His absence affects all of us who knew him and/or were treated by him.

Anonymous said...

I just spoke with someone at the company who told me that Dr. Keller died of amyloidosis (an incurable blood condition). Dr. Keller's life was extended and enhanced because of the glutathione stimulator but, as of June 2009, there is no cure for the disease.

MAX International will remain strong. As a research-based company founded upon a health-enhancing product that found a market (rather than vice-versa), integrity is imbedded in its DNA.

Pris said...

Thanks for posting his cause of death.

Collin Kelley said...

Sorry to hear about his passing, Pris. Losing a doctor is like losing a friend or family member. They know lots of your secrets and fears and often they have been in your life for decades.

Pris said...

Collin, so true. In many ways, other than house calls of course, since his patients came from all over, he followed the model of the 'old family doctor'. He didn't want to just know about the illness, but also what was going on in your life. He always stressed the role of the mind with the immune system. While we can't heal ourselves with our minds, we can often make our situation better than it would be otherwise. I was very sick when I first saw him and asked him each visit if I would get better. He always told me yes, but after a certain number of visits, he gave me a lecture. He told me that it was time for ME to start answering that question for myself and why. From that point on my attitude changed. He also talked a lot about the dynamics of a severe illness with partners, that often when a patient of his began to improve, the partner would try to sabotage it for various reasons, ie loss of control, loss of freedom..others..and to be prepared to deal with that. And yes, that did happen, but my husband and I got through that stage.
I guess this answer is to more than just you. It's things I wanted to say and your comment triggered it.Thank you for that.

Color Online said...

Hi Pris,
I follow you on Twitter and found your blog a short time ago. Thought you'd notice me by now. :-)

Hope you are well.

Pris said...

I just added you to my feed (under my list of links). As for twitter, I still can't figure out how to contact people there or receive contact unless they direct message me. I leave a comment and it goes into the void:-) This is the best way to find me, so thanks for posting.

Color Online said...

Pris, you can find me here Color Online

If you follow me on Twitter, I can message you. Right now, I'm seeing your Tweets, but I'm invisible. lol


Please come by.

Color Online said...

Pris, do you remember me? Zawadi?

Pris said...

Zawadi? Of course I remember you. It's been years. I'll go through my tweeter list right now and see if I can find you. I have a lot of people following me who don't provide a real name with the user name and , if I don't know who they are, I don't add them. Security et al.


Lyle Daggett said...

Hi, Pris, just coming by and reading. I'm sorry to read of the loss of someone who mattered in your life.

Hope your ankle is coming along, and that you're doing well in general.

Anonymous said...

A great loss to the medical profession as well of course, to his family and friends.

wifi said...

Come on Pris - Please check your facts before spreading such rumours!!

This is an unfortunate hoax that's been spread about Dr. Keller - he is NOT dead! He is alive and healthy.

I don't know what clown started this, I've seen it on another web site - actually a MaxGXL dealer's site - but she is DEAD WRONG!

Pris said...

I'm not yet deleting the above comment since this is erroneous information and needs to be addressed. I was a patient of Dr. Keller. His daughter worked for him. She's the person who told his patients of his death, following a lengthy absence from his office. Colleagues of his who knew about his illness have posted here or contaced me directly after reading the post to speak of their grief.

wifi said...

Well, Pris - i must apologize for my posting which doubted your very sad news of Dr. Keller's untimely death.

It was really too shocking for me to believe, I was sure it had to be a hoax. I could not find anything on the internet to substantiate it ... but finally, bit by bit, I did.

Here is the announcement link from Dr. Keller's own research company:

I only just learned about MaxGXL two weeks ago - I haven't even gotten started using it yet (I will), and before that happens ... I learn of the developer's death?? That does not seem right.

But, if as you say, Dr. Keller truly does know the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour, then yes, he is in no pain!
The Lord's blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

Dr Keller died of Primary Amyloidosis. its a rare disease only affecting about 2000 people in the US. it causes high protein levels that attack tissues or organs. he had it infect his kidneys and they ultimately shut down and caused his death!

hope this helps,


Pris said...

Bobby, thanks for clarifying that. So many of us miss him. He made such an impact. It sounds as if you knew him. Were you a patient or a friend? I would love to hear more from you if you'd like to email me. Just identify yourself on the RE line.

Suzee Ebeling said...

He was my doctor too. A great man RIP