Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Visit with an old friend

For my third 'away' in these 19 years of CFIDS, I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend with a friend of 30 years who lives north of me in Mt. Dora, FL. My husband dropped me off on his way to a Savannah wedding. We rested, talked and had a small outing each day. The first day we went to this beautiful restaurant for lunch. Mt Dora is filled with charming little places like this. The food was delicious!

Across the street was this neat old book shoppe!

The next day, we sat by the lake at a park for a while, not far from my friend's house. Two lakes are in the Mt. Dora area. The crowded part was on the other side. We had this side practically to ourselves. As an added delight, we stopped at a fresh market stand on the way and picked up fresh vegetables for our meal, plus a watermelon and bag of Georgia pecans, IN THE SHELL, for me to bring home. I grew up with pecan trees and my home town was 'the watermelon capitol of the world' (don't tell other towns who make that same claim). That made the outing extra special. Photos from the park are below.


Nic Sebastian said...

oooh, spanish moss! lovely!

Pris said...

Isn't it glorious?? I saw it all through the town as well as here in the park shot.

Collin Kelley said...

Great photos, and it sounds like a lovely little vay-cay for you. Any good finds at the bookstore? :)

Pris said...

Hi Collin. It really was fun, there. Unfortunately, we spent our energy pigging out at the restaurant and didn't get in there, despite the magnet pulling me desperately in that direction. Next visit I definitely get inside!

Annie Wicking said...

It's lovely to share time with you and your friend, Pris.

May I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter.

My very best wishes,

Pris said...

Thank you Annie. The same to you!