Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unsettling Changes

Sara thinks she's met someone.
He never stayed out all night dancing,
never painted roses on city walls,
doesn't write steamy poetry,
or wear jeans with holes in the knees,
patches stitched up and down.
He brings her broth when she's ill,
opens doors, touches her as he passes.
His hands are careful, eyes soft.
Ten years ago she would've found him boring.
Ten years ago she wasn't a mom.
He takes the boy to the zoo, movies,
baseball games, wants to marry Sara
adopt the boy. After all, Norman
hasn't been seen in years.
Sara doesn't know how that works.
She would have to face Norman.
Would her pulse race?
Would she want him again?
The boy's still Norman's son,
still that piece of Norman she wraps
her heart around like a pearl.
With the boy adopted, Norman may fade.
That part of her heart may collapse inward.

(This is one of my 'aftermath' poems to the Sara/Norman collaboration of poems Scott Ownes and I did. We're submitting that collection now)


Middle Ditch said...

Let Sara pull her socks up and marry him. Forget Norman. Norman has undoubtedly forgotten about Sara and his son. Not many good men in this world.

Annie Wicking said...

What an interesting poem! It makes you stop and think. It's very emotional.

Best wishes,

Pris said...

Hi Monique
If you read the whole series, which if we get it published you'll be able to, you can see that Norman's leaving was a complex thing. He loved them, but didn't feel he could handle it. Sara is probably one of the few people who had some understanding of him as well as why he left, so he stays in her heart long after. Yes, time to move on and she is, but I don't think we ever get totally over some people.

Annie, yes it is emotional. When writing this series with Scott we both became very immersed in their relationship, almost as if they're still out there somewhere, just that we're not watching them anymore.