Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Read this and gnash your teeth, then do something!

I just read Collin Kelley's post from yesterday about Stacy Brown's horrendous experience with a book of poetry, winning a contest and how the publsher then not only jerked her around, but... well go to Collin's blog HERE and follow his links to her story. If it bothers you as much as it did me, pass the story on.

(I'm referring to Collin's August 25 entry)



Berenice said...

I've just read her story and posted a link on my blog. What an appalling thing to happen!! B xx

Collin said...

It is terrible, but Stacey has done an amazing thing by firing up the poetry community (at least the ones online) and prompting discussions about the state of poetry today. That's the way to take lemons and make lemonade.