Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sam Rasnake/Anne Sexton

You must read this poem by Anne Sexton on Sam Rasnake's blog . He also features two different readings of it by her...very different approaches.

I have been that kind of woman...

A poem to worm its way in through your skin and live there.


JimK said...

There is a great video of that
(audio by Anne)
on youtube. Had it up a while
ago. Anyway, it's still at

Monique said...

read it, listened to it, loved it even though I'm not a poet and don't always understand poetry.

Pris said...

Hi Jim...another vid of it than the two he posted? I'll do a search and see.

Monique..doesn't it just sweep you away, poet or not?

Lisa Allender said...

Thanks, Pris...Saw you through Collin Kelley's Blog, and here I am, visiting...
Anne Sexton is certainly brilliant; I like Sam of Ten Thousand's posts...Cool blogs(yours AND his)
Lisa Allender

Russell Ragsdale said...

Awesome poem! Thanks for connecting us with this! Illusions was wonderful. I hadn't ever seen Verse Libre before. Thanks for cluing me in on it too.

Pris said...

Hi Russell
I left you a note on your blog. Verse Libre has been hacked. More details are on your top post. Thanks for your comment on Illusions, too. Isn't Anne Sexton something??