Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've not disappeared....and OCHO 12 is out! Read about it.

This cold is dragging on so I've not been posting or visiting. Sorry about that. I did have some nice news. One of my haiga will be in the Spring Moonset, a very nice print journal and some poems are coming out in Tom Blessings next Quickzine. Thank you, Tom!

I received the latest OCHO in the mail yesterday, the print companion to Mipo digital, published by Didi Menendez and guest edited by Grace Cavelieri. Besides featuring poets such as Billy Collins and Ted Kooser, the journal is packed with excellent poetry. It's available through lulu press. Jim Knowles has an excellent review of this issue on his blog, including the URL for ordering.

When I finished reading the poems, I was blown away. For me, the most outstanding aspect of the selection was the feeling that each poet was speaking directly to his or her audience and in a way that stayed with you long after the cover was closed. I've read and reread these poems and will do so again. This is a 'must have', in my opinion.


Didi Menendez said...

Pris - I know you are not feeling well but Lulu is not the publisher for MiPoesias Magazine, OCHO, etc. I am.

Thank you,
Didi Menendez

aka Menendez Publication/s


Pris said...

Hi Didi
You must've missed this part of my above post
'published by Didi Menendez'

I know lulu didn't 'publish' the book so 'printed' is probably the right description.

Apologies to any who may have misunderstood this and I'll change it in the main blog.

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Hi Pris, Hope to feel better soon.
Great news about your poem.

Best wishes

Berenice said...

Congratulations on your haiga Pris!! I hope you feel better very soon. B xx