Friday, October 13, 2006

Munch is far more than his 'The Scream'

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Ashes by Munch

In this painting he laments the end of an earlier affair, his first, with the wife of a distant cousin. Munch will forever be known for his painting, The Scream. In reality, many of Munch's paintings told the story of his life and loves in colorful, passionate artwork.

Dance of Life by Munch

(taken from a site about Munch) A later love affair with Tulla Larsen was oppressive. He continually retreated from her, unable to respond to the intensity of her affection (Müller-Westermann 79). Knowing these biographical details, one might suspect that The Dance of Life is rooted in Munch's relationships with his early love and Tulla Larsen. The man in the center of the painting is Munch himself, dancing with his old love, Mrs. Heiberg. Tulla Larsen is displayed on the left wanting Munch's love and on the right side, she stands rejected by him. Munch's description of the painting in his diary supports this interpretation: I am dancing with my true love - a memory of her. A smiling, blond-haired woman enters who wishes to take the flower of love - but it won't allow itself to be taken. And on the other side one can see her dressed in black troubled by the couple dancing - rejected - as I was rejected from her [Mrs. Heiberg's] dance (Müller-Westermann 78).


Michael Parker said...

Excellent find, Pris. Both of these Munch paintings you highlight have great colors, strokes, and tell vivid stories. Love them.

Pris said...

I think these two, his Madonna, and one of two figures dancing by the sea are among his best.

Pat Paulk said...

Pris, I love these. Being so art-dumb, you continue to educate. Thank you!!

Pris said...

Hi Pat
I'm glad you're enjoying. Had I the talent, I would've painted. Did paint some off and on earlier in my life, but didn't have that je ne sais quoi.