Friday, April 29, 2005

Pectoral Control and Hawaii

It's been a rough spot for me, healthwise for a bit now. Sometimes, when that happens I think of a happy time in my life and imagine myself there. I see it as if it's here again right now and I'm transported to easier days.

So here's one of those times...when I lived in Hawaii in the late sixties, I visited the Big Island with the psychology chief, also a friend, who was consulting there for the weekend. He always stayed with a Hawaiian man who ran an open bar (no walls, just the liquor part locked up) in the woods.

There were tons of bedrooms since his entertainers stayed there too. Now THAT was some house...bedrooms and kitchen all at one end...built on the point of a black lava cliff with the two ocean sides seen by full length panes of glass along both walls of a huge room with indoor outdoor carpeting, an indoor swimming pool and patio furniture. A woman who twirled torches on her boobs was staying when I was there. She gave an (unlit) demo for us before the night's show and I have to say, I've never been so impressed with muscle control in my life before or since.

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