Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sleepless In Florida

The insomnia is upon me again, leaving me dizzy and weak. Send sleep vibes. Send hugs. Send me the courage to make it through this bout of troubled times with this illness again. A huge setback and yes, hard to deal with.


suesue said...

Come dear friend
Let us hold each other gently
You in me and I in thee
And let the paths of life walk through.
Come sleep in our arms

The Highwayman said...

The wind was a torrent of darkness
Tossed on stormy seas
The Highwayman sends loving thoughts
To put Pris at her ease

No lusty galloping through the night
No thoughts of camel humping
Just strength to keep on with the fight
There's tubs that still need thumping

So hang in there with all your strength
'Cos those who send this letter
Will go to each and every length
To make sure you get better

Berenice said...

Beyond layers of darkeness
arms can reach,
hands can touch,
hearts can fill
and beat beat beat
throughout day and night.

Fold back the blanket of an ocean,
lower the curbside of continents,
erase miles inbetween.

There is no distance,
just love,
a quiet moment held in time,
a thought spoke louder than
we can shout across the waves.

Hello friend,
how goes it with you?
Have you peace today?
Here's some coming through!

Aussie Bard said...

Dear friend...

My silence is but an anomoly of time;
It is never a failure of care nor love

My thoughts wander, but my prayers are constants and you are always included.

My time is precious, but never to the extent of forgetting you - you are special to me!