Monday, December 27, 2004

The Naming of the Blog

I named my blog after the following poem I wrote in 2003. The idea of turning feelings over to Mother Nature for release or balm has always appealed.

Songs To A Midnight Sky

Daily, you draw the line
between yesterday and today,

dare me to cross,
dare me to get close.

I stand in the backyard rain,
shirt soaked, jeans sucking
against hungry thighs, hear
you move around in the den,
stereo rising high
over a flash of lightning
to the east .

The Lettermen

But of course
you would put them on
to taunt me

Defiant, I sing along,
face the night sky,
swallow raindrops, dance,
until I know that yes,
I can survive anything.

Even you.

Later, when I shiver out of wet
into dry, you already sleep,
back walled to my side of the bed,
dreaming your own song alone.

Pris Campbell

Published in Blackmail Press

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